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About Auto transport companies and the top 10 players in the market

If you have a big move coming your way, or you have a habit of shifting your residence based on the climate of the area, you will definitely need the services of efficient auto transport companies. Because when you move, you cannot drive a moving truck and your four wheeler, both at the same time.

If you make use of an efficient car transport service provider, the entire moving process can become extremely simple, because these service providers ensure that your car is delivered right to your doorstep at your new place of residence. Let us look at a few intricate details about finding and choosing a right car transport service.

Features to contemplate when making a choice

Timely delivery of vehicle

Various consumers and business houses depend solely on the timely delivery of the car, so as to ensure that the car is available as and when needed. So, the selected company must deliver the vehicle on the due date of delivery, and if possible, a day before. Given below are some timely delivery factors to consider:

* Advance booking – Often, you may have shift your address almost suddenly, or you have a move coming up and you come across an attractive discount deal which you simply cannot miss. In such a case, you will need immediate shipping of your vehicle, and you must know the advance booking and scheduling time for your car shipping needs.

* Duration of transport – The more the distance you are traveling to, the more will be time of delivery, as it is directly proportional. You need to know how far you need to get the car delivered so as to figure out the exact schedule and date of delivery.

* Policy regarding delays – You must find out about the policy a car transport company follows in case of any delay in delivery. Usually, the honest and good companies offer partial refund in case of any delay on their part. But no organization is liable to refund any amount in case of delay caused by weather or any other phenomenon that does not pertain to their internal workings.

Cost of delivery

In any shipping equation, pricing can be considered as an extremely vital part. In many cases, driving the car by yourself and having your belongings delivered by a moving company may seem to be cheaper. For this very reason, any company you choose should have a clear price model to cater to your car transport needs. Let us look at various pointers in any standard price model.

* Insurance on car being delivered – When you choose an auto transport service, you need to ensure that your vehicle’s full value is covered under insurance by a certified insurance company as well as the logistics firm. In case of any damage caused to the car during delivery, you might need to file a claim with the insurance company against damage caused.

* Price model for delivery – Several customers tend to have their cars shipped to very long distances. Hence, it is vital to find out beforehand the exact fees and rates associated with the service you book, and how these prices are determined and fixed. Usually, auto transport companies charge on per mile, per kilometre basis, but there are some firms, who charge on the basis of the size of the car being delivered.

* Additional charges – Some firms associated with car shipping usually charge extra fees or service charges based on the type of car they are delivering, namely, hatchback, sedan, SUV, etc. You need to ask about these additional service charges and must implore the firm to be clear about them, so that you can get a complete picture of the costs involved with auto logistics.

Quick or urgent delivery

Customers who choose car shipping companies need their vehicles delivered on time. Even if a consignment is booked at the very last minute, the customer will still expect the logistics company to deliver the vehicle as and when they are needed. That is where rush or urgent delivery comes into the picture. Let us take a look at a few features of rush delivery.

* Time of delivery – Some companies make it a point to deliver the car within one week, or in 5 working days. But there are some, who take a minimum of 15 days to deliver the vehicle. You need to make a confirmed choice based on your own need, that is, when you want your car to reach you.

* Absence of advance booking option – If the firm you choose has the policy of a minimum one month notice for shipping a car, then you may lose the advantage of booking a car transport service in advance in case of any urgency. So try to go for organizations that provide you with this advantage.

* Extra cost for rush delivery – Often, for quick or urgent delivery, companies may charge additional fees to speed up the entire delivery process. This charge varies from one company to another, and depends on the distance being travelled. Try to choose a firm that quotes the lowest fee for quick delivery.

Reliability of service

For some unforeseen circumstances, or owing to the sheer lack of reliability of a firm, your car delivery may be missed or delayed. If you do not have your car delivered on time, you might not be able to go to work on your first day of your new assignment, and that is bound to look bad. So you need to choose a company that provides complete reliability and guarantee in any service they provide. Let us take a look at the components of reliable service.

Guaranteed delivery date – Choose a company that delivers your vehicle on the date promised to you in the service contract. Read reviews and feedbacks of other customers to determine whether the service is reliable or not. Avoid going for a company that has more negative reviews than positive.

Condition of delivered vehicle – Logistics accidents are quite common, as no road is the same, and no truck has the perfect restraints. But even so, dealing with a vehicle damaged during shipping is quite problematic. Hence, you need to ensure that the company takes every possible precaution to avoid damages like body damage, interior damage, broken windshield, etc.

Delayed pick up time – A delayed pickup of the vehicle is equally problematic as delayed delivery. You may have to delay your own plans of moving out simply because the company you chose delayed the pickup of the vehicle. You need to ensure that the firm you choose maintains a strict timeline for both pickup as well as delivery.

The top 10 firms

In today’s world, there are several auto shipping companies working ceaselessly to cater to all kinds of customers. Choosing the right one is your one and only job. Given below is a list of the top 10 car transport companies that you can hire for your car shipping needs. Read on to find out more.